Building communities is a crucial process that fosters connections amongst people and creates infrastructures for these connections to happen.

With this short guide, I want to propose a smart, new way to approach the current situation without falling into a pattern of anxiety, panic and unfounded assumptions.

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Writing cover letters is an art. Here you can find some tips on how to nail your cover letter writing skills and land the job you love.

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It’s 2020 and yes, cover letters are still a thing.

  1. Hiring managers do not spend more than 5–7 seconds reading a resume.
  2. You will…

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In an increasingly competitive job market, the biggest goal of most companies is to attract the best talents.
However, being able to find the most skilled people is also one of the biggest challenges faced by hiring managers and companies on a daily basis.

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1. Professional and Personal Development Budget

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1. Spotlight the diversity of your workforce on your social media platform

2. Partner Up with local organizations working by marginalized categories’ side


Margherita | FairForce is a Feminist-Informed transformation coaching and community strategy for purpose-driven humans and organizations

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